Biesse Stream A 6.0 Edgebander with Air Force

Item Number: 202

Category: Customer Listings,Edgebanders

Model: Stream A 6.0

Year: 2017

Serial Number: 1000016261

Condition: Under Power

Location: Minnesota

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The Stream A 6.0 is a single-sided edgebander for the application and processing of flat edge-banding material in coils and in strips.


  • Smart Touch 21.5" HD-Color Touch Screen Controller
  • Windows Operating System with USB Ports
  • Multi-Speeds 12-18-20 m/min
  • NC Control on Infeed Fence and Pressure Rollers
  • Anti-Adhesive Station for ease of Panel Cleaning
  • Infrared Heating System on Panels
  • Top & Bottom Pre-Milling Unit with Diamond Cutters
  • Pre-Melt Unit for EVA Glue System
  • EVA Glue System
  • Air Force System - P3
  • IT90-S High-Speed End Trimming Unit
  • RS-100 Top & Bottom Rough Trimming Unit
  • RF400 Top & Bottom Fine Trimming Unit with NC Servo Control
  • AR30 Multifunction 2 Motor Corner Rounding Unit with NC Servo Control
  • LPT-700 Device for the application of a Sliding Agent for the CR Unit
  • RB400 Top & Bottom Profile Scraping Unit with NC Servo Control
  • RCC-701 Top & Bottom Edge Scraping Unit
  • SP-501 Top & Bottom Buffing Unit
  • PH-700 Top & Bottom Hot Air Blowers
  • Pro-Nesting Kit on Fine Trim Station and Profile Scraping Unit
  • Includes Multi-Tap Transformer for North American Voltages

Return Conveyor NOT Included

Technical Information

  • Panel Height: 10mm - 60mm
  • Material Height: 14mm - 64mm
  • Thickness Banding Rolls: 0.4mm - 3mm
  • Thickness Banding Strips: 0.4mm - 12mm
  • Panel Length: 140mm - 3200mm
  • Min Panel Width (L=140mm): 85mm
  • Min Panel Width (L=250mm): 50mm

Return Conveyor NOT Included 

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