Rover B 2264 FT 7X21 NBC Nested Based Work Cell with Dust Collector

Item Number: 220

Category: CNC Machines (Flat Table),Customer Listings

Manufacturer: Biesse

Model: Rover B 2264 FT

Year: 2018

Serial Number: 1000023862

Condition: Under Power

Location: CT

Price: Call for price


This Rover B is a large 7' X 21' Complete Nesting Work Cell, with automatic loading and unloading of the panels to be processed. This machine also comes with an automatic labeling station prior to infeed. Machine also comes with a 30 HP ACT Dust Collector, complete with pipes and fittings !

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This machine has an incredible configuration 

  • Working Field: X = 6450 mm (253.9")  /  Y = 2205 mm (86.8")
  • Axis Stroke: Z = 405 mm (15.9")
  • Axis Speed: X= 85 m/min / Y= 85 m/min / Z= 20 m/min
  • Machine Table is made of Stratified Phenolic with a grid pattern to accept Vacuum Pods
  • Equipped with an 28 Multizone Vacuum System
  • Machine Flow is "Left to Right"
  • Automatic Loading System (Type B) with a Scissor Lift and Automatic Label Printing Station
  • Sweep Arm for Automatic Offloading
  • Automatic Offloading Conveyor Table with Up-graded Dust Collection System (RH Side)
  • Up-Graded System to allow for loading and unloading thin materials
  • Automatic Lubrication System
  • X-Axis Cable-Chain Holder, Closed System to protect cables and hoses.
  • (2) Busch Rotary Claw Vacuum Pumps
  • Pre-Wired for 2 additional vacuum pumps if needed
  • Heavy Duty 25.7 HP HSD Electrospindle with HSK-F63 Adapter
  • Liquid Cooled Chilling System for Electrospindle
  • Equipped with "C" Axis Rotation (High Torque with Direct Drive Technology)
  • 4 Way Blowing Unit for Electrospindle
  • CNC Controlled Optimized Suction Hood for better dust extraction 
  • Tool Pre-Setter
  • 8 Position Rotary Style Tool Changer on Y-axis
  • BH-20 Boring Head with Automatic Lubrication 
  • 16 Position Rotary Style Tool Change on X-axis
  • (1) Strengthened Gripper to hold Heavy Aggregate  
  • External Controller for better Operator Control
  • PC-based CNC Control System with Windows Operating System
  • 21.5" Color Control Monitor, Keyboard, and Mouse.
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply Unit in case of power outage
  • Bsolid & Bnest Software included
  • Includes Multi-Tap Transformer for all North American Voltages 200V-600V Connections

Dust Collector:

A.C.T.  Model 3-18 Dust Collector, 30 HP 13,000 CFM - Includes all piping and dust manifolds

 Machine is under power and can been seen by appointment !

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